I just sat down and watched 'My Father was a Nazi Commandant,' (Linked) thinking it would help me out with my Extended Essay and I burst out crying about six times. My god, it was so upsetting but so, so, so interesting. It shows the life of Amon Goeth’s daughter and her quest to discover who her father really was with the help of a Polish Jew who was forced to work for her father during her time at Plaszow. For anyone who’s not entirely sure of the name, Amon Goeth was the commandant portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in the famous film ‘Schindlers List’ and he was responsible for thousands of lives during the Second World War and was eventually hanged (thrice) by Polish officials in 1946. 

I cannot even try to think what people during that time have been through. If you have time, watch it. 

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