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Tour is only a few days away so add your top tunes to this collaborative playlist to make the ultimate tour soundtrack. Just search ‘universityofleicester’ on spotify now and get adding! #justplaying

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Just look at the flowers, Lizzie…

You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know.

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It’s been three days since Wednesday and I still can’t quite believe it. We played our rivals, DMU, in the semi-final of the cup and beat them 43 - 0. It was a good game to be fair, but far too many mistakes were made on our behalf and they need to be fixed before two weeks time. The DMU girls themselves are lovely, and I’m looking forward to playing them again at Varsity. 

The thing I can’t quite get my head around though, was that myself and five of my team mates got scouted. It’s something I always missed out on in school, and to get recognized for a sport I love with some of my team mates, is just nuts. We’re apparently due to expect an email soon and I can’t wait. My family are chuffed and it’s really good for both myself and them to have something good to think about at the moment. 

I just hope I can prove myself now! 

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So how are you meant to react to someone saying ‘I had great expectations for you’ to your face? 

Yesterday was amazing. ULWRFC secured the league with two games in hand by beating Warwick 34 - 5. We do have some things to work on still, that much is true but the team are coming together as one and you can start to see the improvements now. 

I scored a hat trick yesterday and managed to get my own personal goal within the second (ish) minute, intercepting a slow pass between their ten and twelve on the half way line and scoring right underneath the posts. Chuffed is not the word. 

Plus this week I managed to land a job as one of 50 spotify brand managers and I’m heading to London tomorrow for a training day. There’s a game on Sunday I’m missing against Harper Adams, but to be honest I have faith in the girls to bring the win home, and its nice to give some game time to girls who haven’t necessarily had the chance to play. 

Next game for me? DMU in the semi finals of the BUCS cup. I’m looking forward to it to be honest. Both us and the DMU ladies are having a good season so we should have a great game on our hands and it’ll be a good warm up for both teams before Varsity. 

See you on Wednesday DMU. :)